Map of Hot Spots in Yellowstone National Park. Including description of the Supervolcano: An Unusually large volcano having the potential to produce an eruption with major effects on the global climate and ecosystem. The heat and pressure produced creates geothermal features.
Yellowstone is filled with geothermal activity that is difficult for visitors to grasp. This map shows a variety of features throughout the park with interesting facts and definitions of important terms. 
Four stamps with flowers unique to each state.
This project shows the beautiful flowers that bloom in the park. Three of the flowers in the series are the state flowers of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, which all share pieces of Yellowstone. The fourth flower in the series is unique to Yellowstone and grows in the extreme cold of the mountains in Yellowstone. 
The final piece in this series is an informative poster that deals with the impacts of forest fires on Yellowstone. This poster wrestles with the impacts of destruction (and the worsening of destruction caused by climate change), but also on the regrowth, hope, and adaptation that follows.
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