This project is a compilation of the following texts:
 The Visual Rhetoric of Propaganda by Victor Margolin
 The World of Wrestling by Roland Bathes
 Guy Debord, Donald Trump, and the Politics of the Spectacle by Douglass Kellner

 This mix of texts is meant to explore the development of American politics and the spectacle associated with it that led to the election of Donald Trump.

Thunderhouse is a typeface that was design by the company Aerotype which was founded in 1995. This type is a digitization of wood type that preserves the imperfections and unique qualities of carved letters.
Baskerville is a transitional typeface that was designed in the 1750’s by John Baskerville. It was designed with book printing in mind and he sought to create a crisp look with dramatic flourishes.
Neue Kabel is a geometric sans-serif typeface that was designed in 2016 by Marc Schütz and is a modern recreation of Kabel which was designed in 1927 by Rudolf Koch. The original typeface was inspired by art deco and created as an experiment to make a geometric typeface using only a compass and straight edge rather than Koch’s usual calligraphic style. The modern recreation makes the type more harmonius while preserving the unique style of the original type.
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